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Do you know that Livebox is constantly evolving?

Your Livebox can be updated by scheduling an update at any time.

And did you know that there are SO many individual components inside Livebox?

Livebox gives the spice to this high speed and low latency infrastructure to digitize and empower it with the latest broadcast and media management modules.

With Livebox, you have access to the FULLY PAID and LICENSED Live Playout, Mixer and Encoder which you can download anytime from your own Livebox.





Components within your LIVEBOX

  • Multi-Channel management module
  • Video Analytics Platform
  • Bandwidth Analytics
  • Video-On-Demand recorder and player with support for MP4, FLV & HLS
  • Cloud based Live Playlist
  • Live Queue Management
  • Cloud Chainer module
  • YouTube pull and stream module
  • Multi-CDN module
  • Digital Video Transcoder
  • Digital Video Recorder
  • Video Management queues
  • RTMP viewer reports
  • Social Media Distributor
  • Service Manager
  • Live gauges module
  • Speedtest Module
  • Reverse Proxy
  • IPTV Panel
  • IPTV Customer module
  • IPTV subscription module
  • IPTV Device management module
  • DOS ATTACK protector
  • PORT Firewall
  • Interactive Chat
  • 360 degree video
  • UDP, RTMP, RTSP, HTTP Ingestor
  • IVB7 video transmitter plug and play the IVB7 remote receiver module
  • Link security module
  • HLS encryption
  • IP based access Restrictor
  • Domain based access restrictor
  • Geo location based access restrictor
  • Backup and Restore Module
  • Caching Module

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